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Eye Level Construction

We ask you to invite Eye Level a “Licensed Building Practitioner” under “Josh Robinson” with 20 years of experience, to work on your project.

We can to take care of all your individual building needs, whether it is the specialist field of Re-piling, to Stabilise your Foundations, OR to Develop your Basement Area.  Are you looking at renovating OR adding to your existing home?  It may be you have a desire to lovingly restore your villa.  Allow us to build your new dream home.    We can do that and more.

Why not take advantage of our associated architects and engineers.

Unique:  A special partnership exists between Eye Level and Lanzpec working together to create your unique environment.    Use Lanzpec to create your award winning landscapes that exceed expectations, as that is what they do best.  Lanzpec has over 30 years of expertise in horticulture and construction.    

TOGETHER we offer a professional, friendly and flexible service.

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